I finished the global API wrapper and I started on the formatting of the responses so they all return the same to use in the algorithms.

Personal experience

The formatter is a tedious job but also really necessary for the algorithms to work optimally. The biggest annoyance is that every exchange returns their data in a different way. This makes returning the data as a uniform standard really hard.


The formatter sometimes gets on my nerves but once it’s finished the fun part starts. I’m really looking forward to the next part where I can develop algorithms.


I continued working on the global API exchange wrapper and almost finished the last one.

Personal experience

I often had issues with bad documentation of the API. This was frustrating because there is a very small chance you will find a solution online but no problem is unsolvable and in the end I always found the solution through trial and error.


It was a productive week and at the office we had a good time. I am looking forward to finish this assignment and start with the real work.

The start

On monday I started by getting a short briefing explaining the assignment.

First assignment

For my first assignment I need to create an asynchronous global API wrapper for multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, at first four exchanges will be added but eventually more will be added.

What will this be…

Alexander Noez

Student at Thomas More

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