First week as intern at Musca

The start

On monday I started by getting a short briefing explaining the assignment.

First assignment

For my first assignment I need to create an asynchronous global API wrapper for multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, at first four exchanges will be added but eventually more will be added.

What will this be used for?

The global API wrapper will be implemented in the automatic trading strategies that the firm runs. This will make it easier for the analysts to create new trading strategies & will make implementing new exchanges a lot faster.

Personal experience

The first two days I had a lot of trouble because it was a lot of code that I have never used before. After I understood how it worked the development speed improved a lot. I did encounter a problem with a Chinese exchange where the signature for signing API requests didn’t work, the CEO has informed me that he has had a lot of bad experiences with this exchange on his own and that I should email the engineering team. I did start with another exchange for now.


Overall it is very interesting matter and it will only get more interesting in the future. It is a good workplace and the CEO is friendly and fun to be around.

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